Monday, 22 November 2010

Roll with it

Some chicken thighs in tomato sauce from Marks & Spencers, eaten while watching Nigella cook "an unusual slow-cooked melt in the mouth Asian Braised Shin of Beef topped with a crisp hot and sour shredded salad".

English gentleman

A slightly poncey full English breakfast with an alarming-looking fried egg and a quenching drink made from cranberry, rose and elderflower or something at Canteen. Nice. I had a peppermint tea too, which was very refreshing.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hanging over

An apple juice, an Earl Grey tea and an absurdly floppy microwaved cheese and tomato croissant at "tea drinking place" – ahem – Yumchaa – AHEM – in Soho. A hangover cure of sorts. All on a nice tray with elephants on. Lovely and relaxing.


Some asparagussy faffiness, some cute bread all tucked up in bed, abundant glassware, Sir actual Tom Jones (not pictured), a man on a motorbike (not pictured) and a lot of red wine (not pictured) at the BSME Awards 2010.

Agora: Too Meaty For Crows

Agora is a chain of restaurants that brings meat to your table, and slices it into your plate until you have to have to go outside and have a sit down, away from the meat. But before that happens, you get to take your plate to a salad buffet, which - for a salad buffet - contains a lot more meat than you'd think.

On this plate: garlic rice, chicken stroganoff, peppers, lumps of cream-smeared chicken, stuffed olives, salami, flavoured wet carrots, roast "bliss" potatoes and a pickled gherkin, all set off with a certain amount of powdered substance that I can't honestly identify. I thought it might be nuts, but it didn't taste particularly of nuts.

England sandwich

Posh chain restaurant Leon have drastically faffed around with their breakfast menus. It's out with the breakfast baps and in with the slightly silly breakfasty "New York Breakfast" open sandwiches. And these. Which I could get addicted to. Bacon and cheese grilled sandwiches. Toasties, basically. Tidy. It's nice to have a reason to eat cheese for breakfast.

I said "breakfast" and "sandwich" a lot there...

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hi, my name's Ribzilla

A limited-time special from Famous Dave's. The Ribzilla is a single rib, snapped with some force from the body of a cow. It's basically a steak hanging from a large bone, that you can rip out and use to ting your empty glass, letting the waitress know you require more beer.

The item kissing against the middle of the rib is a plain, sweet muffin. There is something perverse going on here, and I'm not sure I want any part in it.


to last Sunday's roast dinner, again at the Griffin.

Let's get quizzical

A really delicious beef casserole, enjoyed by a member of the Ménage à woof team at the Vauxhall Griffin quiz night. Especially delicious with a generous dollop of brown sauce.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

An ideal for living

A perfect night in: sausage pasta with mozzarella on top, premixed gin and tonic in a can and The Seeds Of Doom on DVD.