Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Simulcast

Sometimes in the '80s, before we had fancy TVs, if BBC2 or somebody was going to show a concert, they'd link up with Radio 1 or something, so you could watch the concert on your TV while hearing it in glorious stereo sound via your radio.
Well, last week, it was my turn to DJ at the Sunday Supplement at The Vauxhall Griffin, and I thought I'd do a link up between my two blogs, so that you could benefit from the full sensory experience. While DJing, I ate a nice roast beef dinner (pictured above). And if you'd like to see what I played, have a look over at Kiss & Make Up.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Saturday night and Sunday morning

A tandoori hot pizza from Domino's and a chicken, stuffing and fruity chutney sandwich from Pret. Oh dear.

The twelve eats of Christmas: 12

Lamb chops, chips and a visit to the salad bar at the Old Bridge Inn, Llangennech.

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The twelve eats of Christmas: 11

Mince pies and mulled wine, over the holidays.

The twelve eats of Christmas: 10

A delicious chicken tikka sandwich – yes! – in the cafeteria at Llanelli North Dock.

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The twelve eats of Christmas: 9

A roast beef dinner, in between Christmas and New Year. At Christmas, I'd eat turkey until the cows come home, but I suppose it's nice to have a change.

The twelve eats of Christmas: 8

A nice bit of mackerel.