Monday, 17 October 2011

Hot sausage

The other night, I made Ravinder Bhogal's really delicious sausage roast. One of the best bits was making the lovely winey, oniony, balsamic vinegary gravy.
As Rav herself says, you "can't go wrong with a hot sausage". Ravinder's got a book out! It's ace.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Two ’ages

This is what I'm cooking for tonight's tea. It's a cabbage and sausage hotpot from the book Spooning With Rosie. I made some adjustments to the recipe, mainly for convenience, but also because I'm only cooking for two and not four. (The original recipe calls for 12 sausages and I used a bag of ready-chopped green cabbage, mixed with leeks instead of the white cabbage in the recipe. Lazy). So it's probably not quite as Rosie would make it. (I also added garlic, some chilli and a bit of cinnamon). Anyway. It seems tasty enough. Hurry home, @disappointment!

Monday, 3 October 2011

iPhood 2

Just seeing if BlogPress is better than Google's Blogger app...


A quick blogging-from-the-iPhone test. If this comes out alright, it could see a resurgence of posts on That's Fine Dining. (Which is what everyone wants, clearly).
Oh, this is tonight's tea. A souped-up Cajun chicken thing from Markses, with pasta and a tomato sauce with harissa and loads of dried herbs and spices in it.

Square meal

We don't usually go in for a square picture on That's Fine Dining, but Instagram makes everything look so damn tastier and fancier. So we make no apologies. A lovely beef roast and a nice pint of Sambrook's Wandle at the Vauxhall Griffin.